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Welcome to The Skinny Company, the finest bespoke food delivery service in Cheshire. Are you sick of same old, same old boring unhealthy take-aways?

Now is time for a change with our individually chef prepared meals delivered right to your door

We have various options available from daily or weekly meal plans incorporating breakfast, lunch & dinner (24 hours notice required)

1-3 course evening meal fast home delivery (1-2 hours notice)

Private chef hire  for dinner parties (on request)

All our chefs are highly trained and passionate about  fine dining having worked for royalty and Michelin starred restaurants

Have a look around at the choices on offer, you can order online, by phone or email

Fast Delivery

1-3 Courses

A 1 to 3 course culinary experience is on your table within a couple hours. We recommend that you order as early in the day as possible and is subject to availability. Delivered to your door between 5pm & 9pm depending on your preferences. Served and ready to eat 

Daily Meal


Order breakfast, lunch and dinner from our daily menu plans for one or more days, depending on your preferences. Everything is delivered the day before and may require some light preparation and to be heated through etc full instructions will be given (minimum 24 hours notice is required)

Weekly Meal 

For those with busy lifestyles or if you are on our SkinnyJab  weight-loss plan, we have everything you need to keep you going for 7 days. Package includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 7 days. (48 hours notice is required)

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